Therapeutic Services

At CDYS we offer a range of services and supports to Children, Young people and Adults who may need some support during difficult times. 

During difficult times people may need some help and support to process what is going on in their lives.  CDYS realise that Children, Young People and Adults sometimes require a place where they can talk to someone who is impartial to their situation and they are able to analyse and process their own situation with the support of one of our Theraputic services.  

We offer a range of Low Cost services in different locations throughout the Cloyne Diocesan.

If your feeling down, worried or under pressure about anything or you have a family member that you are concerned needs some help and support, then we can help them get through this difficult time.

If you would like further information on one of the following services please contact us on 022 53526 or contact the numbers below.

Art Therapy
CDYS offer Art Therapy in :- Midleton – 086 8031291
CDYS offer Counselling in the following area's:- Mallow and the surrounding North Cork Area and Mitchelstown – 086 1841860 Midleton – 085 7670980
Community Psychotherapy
CDYS offer Community Psychotherapy in the following area's :- Midleton – 086 8031291 Macroom – 087 9470179



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Feeling Down

Dealing with Anger

Dealing with Stress

Exam Stress