Youth Projects (SPY)

What is SPY (Special Projects for Youth) 

Midleton SPY

Our SPY projects are all funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Each SPY project aims to provide a holistic, targeted and participative service to the young people in its catchment area.  Spy works with young people from 10 to 24 years old.   The Youth Projects are based in Mallow, Midleton, Mitchelstown and Fermoy. This service works with young people in small focused groups, creative groups or on a one to one basis, covering a wide variety of topics which affect young people.  

This project values young people and their continued involvement in all areas. The projects have active Youth Council that discuss and identify needs for young people within the service.  The programme recognises now more than ever the need to be flexible, resourceful and creative in how it responds to young people. SPY aims to meet with young people, building up appropriate relationships with them and works with them on individual needs. The projects work’s with young people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and diversity providing support, education and activities for young people to grow and develop as positive young adults. Staff attended training programmes around Adverse Child Experiences, Meitheal, Social Media and Youth Identify. National Youth Council trained staff around grant applications as well as environmental programmes.

CDYS SPY Projects



Mallow SPY
Find out more about Mallow SPY (Special Project for Youth)
Fermoy SPY
Find out more about Fermoy SPY (Special Project for Youth)
Mitchelstown SPY
Find out more about Mitchelstown SPY (Special Project for Youth)
Midleton SPY
Find out more about Midleton SPY (Special Youth Project for Youth)

Mallow – Mallow Community & Youth Centre, New Road, Mallow & The Big Blue Cube, Goulsdhill, Mallow –

Contact Miriam – 086 8031206 or Sharon – 087 7148268

Midleton – My Place, My Place, Mill Road, Midleton

Contact Ross – 086 803 1291

Mitchelstown – Town Hall, Thomas Street, Mitchelstown

Contact Christy – 086 8031227

Fermoy – 2 Fitzgeralds Place, Fermoy

Contact Rosemary – 086 8031200