Volunteer Testimonials

Testimonial from CDYS volunteer Nicole Hegarty

‘I’m a volunteer in CDYS for a little over a year now. When I first began, it was a 60-hour placement for a course  I was attending. Through volunteering, I realised I was passionate about having a career in Youth Work. When looking at a community where anti-social behaviour is on the increase, it’s easy to tarnish every young person with the same brush. Being a volunteer, I see different side to youth, they have talent, passion, kindness, ambition, goals etc, each and everyone is unique in their own way and have so much to give and offer. We are all on different walks of life, sometimes we can still make wrong decisions/choices, but for adults we’re told that is okay, it’s normal for some young people ,they might not hear those words.

Being part of a service like CDYS that offers young people a non-judgemental safe space, to hang out build friendships, participate in activities of their choice, develop in areas of their strengths and even learn new skills. There will always be a listening ear and an understanding, whether it’s been a good day or bad.

I have gained so much experience new skills and memories since joining CDYS. A 60 hours placement became my career path.

For those who feel might feel unsure of what career to pursue and might be thinking about working with young people, try volunteering youth work might be the career for you.’  

Nicole Hegarty