The Good Lives Project

The Good Lives Project QQI Level 4 in Sports & RecreactionQQI4 Employment Skills 2020/2021The Good Lives Project Macroom is nearing the end of its 5th year and continues to evolve year by year. Its early years delivered modules leading to a full QQI level 4 Award in Employment skills, then in response to our evaluation, moved to a full Award in QQI Sport and Recreation. Last year, again responding to the needs of the local community we progressed to a higher level, QQI level 5 in Community Development. This year we ran a full Award in QQI Sport and Recreation with the view on progression to a higher level in September 2019 – QQI Community Activation level 5.

During the year we took part in Community activities such as ‘Life Long Learning Festival’, in which we opened our doors to the community. (See Article attached). We commenced work on a mural in ‘Care Choice’ and are presently building two large timber raised beds for residents to use, a larger timber planter for an Acer tree and two more beds in an internal courtyard. We adopted flower beds with Tidy Towns in which we weed and maintain flower beds. We also took on the project of painting Tidy Towns fairy garden shed when they necessary. Some of our learners undertook work placements with Ted Cook, a local environmentalist and ecologist, in Macroom Castle grounds. They spent their time planting young trees and learning the importance of caring for their local environment and it impact on a societal level. Other work placements included Packaging and Pallets, Tidy Towns, Care Choice, CDYS Community resource development and support worker and we would like to thank all those involved who assisted our students and for the continuing support they have shown to our project.

This year, the Horticulture modules, ‘Plant identification’ and ‘Safe Horticulture Practice’ were taken up by eight students. The polytunnel produced and is continuing to provide the centre with a range of produce such as a succession of salad rocket, onions, broad beans and garlic for the centre’s kitchen. French runner beans, potatoes, turnips, tomatoes and sweet potatoes are to follow. We joined forces with the Tidy Towns and approximately 6m² was planted with bird and butterfly wildflower seed. This is showing excellent germination and establishment. It is adjacent to O’ Riadas car park and can be seen from the foot bridge. Looking forward to the coming year and the development of the outside fruit and vegetable garden. 

The Exercise & Fitness module introduced the principal theories of planning and evaluating exercise programmes and applying these theories in a practical fitness instruction context. Learners also have a detailed understanding of human physiology and how the body works during exercise.
The Exercise and Fitness module provides learners with specific information on how to interact with people in a fitness environment. The goal of improving the health and fitness of clients will be underpinned by the practical learning of exercise to music skills, resistance training, circuit training, floor work and flexibility techniques. With this theoretical and more importantly practical understanding of Exercise and Fitness the learner will be confident in the application of techniques in a practical fitness environment. We would like to thank Macroom Community Gym for their involvement and support in this module. 
Other modules include Communications, Soccer, I.T., Customer Service, Food & Nutrition, Biology and Teamwork which equips participants with the skills to effectively participate in teams, learning about group dynamics, group theory and managing conflict. We had good fun with ice breakers, energizers and partaking in role-plays. Susan Pearmain, CDYS Community resource development and support worker comes in on a regular basis and would give us talks on various topics, Interculturalism, Fair Trade, to name a few.

Over all the Sports and Recreation has been a great success again and enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all staff, tutors and especially to the volunteers who have made 2019 a fabulous year and we look forward to our next Good Lives ‘Community Activation Project’ beginning in September 2019.

The Good Lives Project


The Good Lives ProjectThe Good Lives ProjectThe Good Lives ProjectThe Good Lives Project

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The Good Lives Project, Macroom