Rainbows is a dedicated free service for Children and Young people.  The programme supports Children & Young people affected by loss because of bereavement, separation or  divorce.  The service is available in local communities throughout Ireland.  The service is grant aided by Tusla. 

Rainbows Ireland

CDYS Rainbows

Has your family changed?
Has your family suffered loss?
Do you have children aged between 7-12 years old dealing with loss in their lives?
Bereavement, Separation/Divorce, can all create a sense of loss and sadness in a young person’s life.
It Doesn’t Need to Hurt Forever Rainbows Can Help.

Rainbows is a national voluntary organisation offering peer support to children who have experienced loss in their lives. Rainbows supports children and young people in their journey through grief, creating a safe, confidential space for them to share their thoughts and feelings with their peers. Through the guidance of trained facilitators allowing children to vocalise their feelings, supporting them in learning to accept the changes in their families and helping the young develop a stronger sense of self-esteem.

Rainbows is a free and confidential service helping parents to help their families.

Starting Jan 2020 limited places in Midleton.

Contact: Cloyne Diocesan Youth Services, Midleton: Ross 086 8031291