Mitchelstown SPY

Mitchelstown SPYMitchelstown SPY               Mitchelstown SPY

Mitchelstown SPY is located at Town Hall, Thomas Street, Mitchelstown – Contact Tel No. 086 8031227.

CDYS is known for its innovation, imagination and flexibility when responding to the needs of individuals young people and isolated groups. We are currently working with some of these group and have identified a lot of individuals and groups in Mitchelstown who need immediate support. 

Mitchelstown SPYMitchelstown SPY            Mitchelstown SPY

We ran several programmes this year to engage and address the needs, from Targeted drop ins, Educational programmes around mental health, personal development and drugs and alcohol. Youth Workers also ran recreational programmes around music, art, film and cooking. CDYS Mitchelstown also took part in the regional youth council meetings to discuss the issues and challenges they faced in their own communities and participated in the youth awards.

Mitchelstown SPY   Mitchelstown SPY  Mitchelstown SPYMitchelstown SPY          Mitchelstown SPY

Then Summer programme allowed the team to carry out Outreach to meet the young people in their own space and an allotment project was set up in the town with the community allotment scheme which meant that the young people worked with other allotment holders, growing vegetables and cooking the project on site, fortunately the weather accommodated this summer programme. As in the norm in CDYS young people are always encouraged and facilitated to voice their views on their services and we provide a range of platforms to do this both formally and informally.

Mitchelstown SPY

Mitchelstown SPY         Mitchelstown SPY

Mitchelstown SPY              Mitchelstown SPY

If you would like more information on this project please contact Christy – 086 8031227.