Midleton SPY

Midleton SPY is located in My Place Community Centre, Mill Road, Midleton, P25YT50.

Call Ross Bonner on 086 8031291

Project Leader Ross Bonner works together with youth workers from the area, as well as many dedicated volunteers, to provide a jam packed, fun filled service for the youths in the town and surrounding areas.

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Lots happening at Cdys Midleton
1. FRIENDS (Resilience building) 16-18yrs THURS 4-6PM
2. Relationships & Sex Education 14-16 yes Tues 4-6pm
3. Rainbows  7- 12yrs Tues 6.30-7.30pm
4. Rockschool (Music novices /improvers/ pros) 13yrs -18 Wed 6-8pm
5. Art project group 13-18yrs Wed 3-5pm
6. Young Leaders 18-21yrs (Career /Education Support/ Leadership Skills Development) Free Tea n Bikkie’s! Thurs 6.30-8pm

Call Ross on 086 8031291 or Email ross@cdys.ie.

2018 was another busy year for SPY Midleton, with lots of activity around the centre and, given the great Summer, a few day trips to the beach and Torc mountain in Kerry.

Midleton SPYMidleton SPYMidleton SPY

Our young people got involved with the Midleton Arts Festival in May with an inspired mural. The theme for the MAF being ‘Secret Spaces’, we enlivened the underpass of the N25, a boring but much frequented walkway to the local woods, with a colourful mural. Working with the fantastic Splattervan team the young people designed an image which evoked the theme of the festival but also speaks of the importance of youth centres, youth cafés/ spaces, and youthwork to them. Their message ‘our voices spoke in secret till we found our space’ depicts exactly what young people have found in having access to a youth centre, that they have a space where they have a voice and when they speak they are heard. # Youthwork Works.

  Midleton SPY

Midleton SPYMidleton SPY                           Midleton SPY

We finished up the year with a food collection at Tesco. We were able to donate many boxes of food and essentials to local families . Our final event of 2018 was a trip to the Ice Rink at Mahon, thankfully no damage was done and all had a great time.

Midleton SPY

2019 so far has seen some of our Youth Council involved in a Sex Education Awareness Workshop with Youthwork Ireland and has had them travelling to Dublin to meet the TDs and Limerick to further promote the importance of this programme.

We were delighted to receive a visit from An Taoiseach Leo Varadker in the youth Centre during a recent visit to Co. Cork. He spent some time speaking with the young people and more importantly listening to what they had to say. This visit did inspire some of our young people to become more aware of the impact of politics on their lives and to get registered to vote.

Midleton SPY

The youth council took part in the Youth Recognition Awards in May 2019. 

Our usual projects of Music Group, FRIENDS (Resilience Building), Rainbows, Busstop Youth Club, Drop In sessions were all busy throughout 2018 giving young people a variety of ways to access the youth centre.

For more information on this project please contact Ross – 086 8031291.


Our Youth Workers would not be able to run these groups without the help of our Volunteers.  If you would like to Volunteer with CDYS please contact Ross for more information.