Finland 2019 Erasmus+

CDYS Erasmus+ Finland 2019
CDYS Erasmus+ Finland 2019

In October 2019 30 young people and youth workers from CDYS youth centres in Mallow, Midleton & Fermoy traveled to Finland to meet up with 12 young people from Finland to research and discuss how to combat climate change.  Before going to Finland each CDYS youth centre were given a topic relating to climate change in which they had to research.

The 30 young people set off on the 27th October from the Cloyne Diocesan to catch their flight from Dublin to Helsinki, before traveling over 3 hours by coach to Marttinen Youth Centre in Virrat.  The accommodation and facilities at Marttinen youth centre were beautiful!  The centre is set on a lake and the views were breathtaking!

CDYS Erasmus+ Finland 2019
Irish Culture Night, Finland 2019

Once everyone had settled in and got to know one another they started working together to contribute to the workshops on Climate change.  The group not only learned a lot about climate change they learned a lot about themselves too! We socialised and worked together with people who we had never met before and in turn have made lifelong friends.

The group got to experience and learn a lot about Finish culture.  The young Finish people hosted a Finish evening for us. We in turn introduced the Finish to the Irish culture by giving them the experience of a true Irish Halloween. We put together an Irish culture night in which we served them Barry’s tea, Tayto’s and sang some Irish Ballads.  We even got the opportunity to jump into an ice lake and eat reindeer!

Irish and Finish Flag
Irish & Finish Flag, CDYS Erasmus+, Finland 2019

The day before we left there was heavy snow fall. It was a lot of fun for the young people and the youth workers who engaged in plenty of snowball fights. The whole experience was an opportunity of a lifetime and we feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in this amazing Erasmus+ program.  Not only did we learn a lot about climate change we also made lifelong friends and learnt a lot about ourselves in the process!

We would like to thank everyone involved in this Erasmus+ program. The trip to Finland 2019 will be remembered for a very long time and was a tremendous success.