Detached Youth Work

Detached Youth Work is distinct from other forms of youth work as it focuses on reaching young people outside formal youth clubs in places such as cafes, shopping centres, on the streets, potentially anywhere they meet with their peers.  As with all youth work it uses the principles and practices of informal education to engage young people in constructive dialogue, within a broad agenda of personal and social development. The work is underpinned by mutual trust and respect and responds to the needs of young people. The basis of the relationship between the worker and the young person is mutual acceptance and parity.  Our main objective is to make contact with young people who are not currently accessing existing services, to provide information and opportunities and support them in their personal and social development. We encourage young people to get involved in our community through active participation either through CDYS programmes or signpost them to other relevant local agencies.

Detached Youth Work PosterCarrigtwohill Detached Youth Work

In Carrigtwohill detached youth work takes place every Friday evening with the assistance of local volunteers who go out and engage with young people in their own space. This work has allowed us to build relationships with young people who may not have engaged with us and has led to positive outcomes for some young people.

For more information on this Programme contact – Adrian on 086 7766196.

Macroom Detached Youth Work

The Detached Youth Work Programme began in Macroom in late 2018.  We are currently engaging with 70-80 young people a month.  We target the most deprived estates and areas of the town where anti-social behavior is evident. Our priority is to help these young people utilize their talents and get involved in our ever growing community.  We have seen an increase in the number of young people who are aware of our service and have begun to build positive relationships with our team.  We facilitated a number of activities including basketball, soccer and an occasional ‘drop in’ style creative space. These activities offer opportunities for young people to drop by, allowing them the freedom to make their own decision regarding their level of interaction and engagement. The outcome has been very positive and we are planning to run more of these activities in the coming months alongside the outreach programme in the evenings.

For more information on this Programme contact – Andrew on 086 8106070.

Visit the Youth Work Ireland Website for more information.