CDYS Outreach Counselling is an accessible counselling service established with two years now and is in Mitchelstown three days per week and Mallow two days per week with counselling slots available elsewhere across North Cork. This low cost, preventative counselling service came to be from asking young people what would make it easier for them to access mental health supports. Anxietyfeeling downangerstress and exam stress are among the most common reasons as to why a young person comes to CDYS Outreach Counselling. It is not limited to this though and there are evening appointments available. In the past year, 620 Counselling hours offered with this number expected to increase over the next 12 Months. If you would like to arrange Counselling for a Young Person in the Mallow, Mitchelstown & Surrounding North Cork Area please Contact Finbarr O’ Donovan M.I.A.C.P. on 086 1841860 or 022 53526.