Community Development & Arts Project

Macroom Community Development and Arts Project

The Project was established in July 2018 and since then there have been a number of initiatives piloted including the Community Arts programme (MacArt), Ladies Lodge, Youth work including a newly formed Youth Theatre group, Detached/Outreach Youth Work Programme and volunteer led coffee mornings linking in with those who may be experiencing social exclusion.

Community Development and Arts Project

The Ladies Lodge

The Ladies Lodge concentrate on Personal development, health and nutrition, exercise, social activities, creative writing workshops, fundraising for local charities etc.  All ideas and activities are generated from group discussions and facilitated by CDYS staff and ladies who attend each week. An assets based approach builds on their abilities and skills to promote health, wellbeing and confidence. The group continues to grow from strength to strength and it is now forming a small committee to organise external events including inviting guest speakers on women’s issues, health and wellbeing and social activities and developing ‘Macroom Matters’ (Motivation, Activation, Teamwork, Time out, Education, Social),  social media page.

Community Development and Arts Project Community Development and Arts Project


MacArt, the Community Arts group recently completed the Community Arts context and Practice QQI Level 5 module which inspired them to engage in a number of projects involving collaboration with local agencies various projects including murals, signs for the local Fairy Garden and assisting with regeneration of local buildings and areas using their skills and creative flair to brighten up Macroom Town.

Community Development and Arts Project

Youth Outreach Project

Youth Outreach Project aims to engage young people who are not already involved in youth services and with the aim to develop and maintain contact with young people and provide informal opportunities for social and personal development. From various focus groups and surveys a Youth Theatre Group began in May where local young music enthusiasts aim to organising music and drama events in the summer including ARC (Activate, Regenerate, Create) in the Park. This is an open air event planned for September and will be in collaboration with all other projects, The Good Lives LTI and local volunteers.   

The Community Development and Arts programme

This Programme aims to connect people of all ages and from all walks of society through the use of creative arts and social engagement to build a stronger and more cohesive community.  Connections and relationships are developing through the range of programmes on offer and moreover through the involvement of our dedicated and skilled volunteers who are essentially the backbone of all the projects. 

For more information on the Macroom Community Development and Arts Project please contact Sue – 0831609007

Community Development and Arts Project Community Development and Arts Project Community Development and Arts Project

Quotes from students

 Liam: At the start I was daunted by the task of doing this module as I wouldn’t consider myself as an art person at all, but appreciate those who do it. But with the collaboration and team effort surrounding the theory and practical side of the project I was able to uncover my own artistic talents with doing the videography of the entire project and capture all the special moments we went through as a group. I will cherish these moments a lot and have found a new appreciation for art through this module.

Jacqui: Before MacArt was formed I wasn’t really able to do any art but as the module went on I found the arts really relaxing and I even earned myself the nickname ‘mixologist’. To start from a blank canvas, to see it form into a work of art and to see the community respond makes my confidence come out and to feel a sense of pride that you had a hand in creating that work.Community Development and Arts Project

Damien: To me being part of a community arts project such as MacArt has taught me to respect art in all its forms and look at art in a different light. I have come to realize that Art to me is another way of putting your feelings and emotions onto a blank canvas. It also helps you to relax and to get away from the hurley burley of everyday life. To watch a blank canvas turn into something of beauty can be inspiring.

Al: Art is the perfect marriage of inspiration and imagination