Coder Do Jo 2017

My name is Darren Fahy and on Saturday 17th I took the Coder Dojo Mallow, where I mentor, up to Dublin to participate in the ‘Coolest Project Awards’. The Coolest Project awards is a world leading showcase that inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs. Mallow had a lot of projects on display in the main hall of the RDS Dublin from the Evolution project to the Websites under 11’s where we had a runner up in that award with Dillon Lynch for his 32 Country High site. It has been a pleasure working with Dillon but to explain his project nobody can explain it better than the young man himself.
Here is a few words from Dillon:
“Hi there, my name is Dillon lynch and I am ten years old from Kildorrery County Cork. I am the youngest person to climb to the highest point of every county in Ireland. I coded a website to keep track of my progress, giving each county a page on my site with the route I used and pictures of the walk. To create my website, I used skills learned at Coder Dojo and online.
While doing the challenge I raised funds for Kildorrery karate and Cloyne Diocesan Youth Services. To raise the money, I went around to local businesses and put an advert on my website if they sponsored me. To host my website, we used GitHub.
As well as all the details of the 32-county high point challenge the website has a “2017
Adventures” page. On this page, I keep track of all outdoor activities I do in 2017. I hope this might help people get outdoors walking, cycling, etc. when they see the routes, pictures and stories I post.
I also have a page about myself, one to explain the challenge, and a gallery. I have pages for awards and media coverage as well as a page with useful links. When I had the challenge completed I added a page to tell others what they needed if they wanted to do the challenge.
Thanks for taking the time to read and please check out my website at