Dillon has now completed the challenge!

Dillon just after coming off Antrim's high point "Trostan" the final one of the challenge.

Between 26 June 2015 and 11 September 2016, Dillon has climbed to the highest point of each of the 32 counties of Ireland. That’s almost 200 KM walked on mostly mountain terrain. Dillon is still 9 years of age and has smashed his earlier ambition to have it completed by the age of 11 and as a result is the youngest in the country to have done so. 

The High Points of Ireland

Check out Dillon’s website on 
https://dillons32chpchallenge.github.io/progress/ to see the pictures and details for each walk and also keep an eye on the business’s that have donated to the orginasitions. Dillon will be updating the website soon with some new sections also.  Also check the news on the following facebook page.

John Dunlea and William O’Regan are currently collecting up the sponsorship cards from the Mallow area including unused ones. So if you have any still to return please return them soon.  Thank you to everyone who participated in fund raising and sponsorship of young Dillon, he is truly a remarkable determined 9 year old.

The Point’s reached to complete the challenge.