Cyber Bullying Reaction

We here in CDYS Youth Work Ireland are aware of an increase in the number of young people experiencing Cyber Bulling across the region. 

We are concerned about the number of unregulated social networking websites and how they can negatively affect young people’s image of themselves and their social and emotional wellbeing. 

Our experience across the region has told us that young people are becoming more isolated socially and economically due to diminished social, education and employment options over the last few years.  CDYS strives to reduce this isolation by working with young people and their families in their local community and developing programmes and responses to everyday issues that they identify and face. We cannot underestimate the importance of youth services in insuring that young people are socially educated, happy and kept safe.

Through our staff and large network of volunteers CDYS continues to engage with young people on the issue of Cyber Bulling. Our priority is to protect young people by providing education and a safe avenue for them to raise issues of cyber bulling. We also provide parents with advice information from our centres in Macroom, Mallow, Fermoy, Midleton and Cobh. 

If you would like further information or are experiencing cyber bulling please contact your nearest CDYS office or go to